Focus management

The outline styles (that blue line around the outside of a focused element) are an essential part of accessibility for users using keyboard to navigate around, it indicates which element is in focus at a given time. Users can choose to "click" them by just pressing the Enter key in the keyboard, instead of using the mouse.

These styles are less important for users using the mouse, usually having them enabled can be annoying.

Frontile includes a library based in the proposed CSS :focus-visible pseudo-selector. It adds a focus-visible class to the focused element, but it only adds the class when Tab, Shift + Tab, or an arrow key is used to focus an element. If the mouse is used to focus, the class will not be added (with the exception of input and textarea elements).

<FormInput placeholder="Test me for focus" />
  class="inline-block px-4 py-2 mt-4 text-white bg-teal-600 border rounded hover:bg-teal-700"
  Test me for focus
Released under MIT License - Created by Josemar Luedke