Frontile aims to provide the legos (components, helpers, modifiers, and styles) necessary for building consistent and powerful Ember.js apps while following best practices from the community and providing both low-level and high-level components for your application.

  • Built with accessibility in mind into every component;
  • Built as logically separated packages, so you can choose the pieces you're going to use;
  • Written in TypeScript;
  • All components are Glimmer components;
  • Styles are just TailwindCSS plugins, and fully responsive;

What is available?

There are a few packages available to use already; you can use them in your applications today if you are in a supported Ember version. The project is still pre-version 1.0.0, so breaking changes can still occur.

  • @frontile/buttons: Components for working with buttons.
  • @frontile/collections: Components like Listbox and dropdown menu.
  • @frontile/overlays: Components to render content over the UI, like Modal Dialogs.
  • @frontile/notifications: Package that provides toast-like notifications.
  • @frontile/forms: Components for working with forms.
  • @frontile/changeset-form: Integration between the Forms package and Changeset.
  • @frontile/utilities: Utility components.
  • @frontile/status: Components like progress bar.
  • @frontile/theme: Theming capabilities using Tailwind Variants.
Released under MIT License - Created by Josemar Luedke